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Mother’s Day is coming up, so on behalf of the young mothers that Lifewise supports, we would like to share with you a wonderful story from Lifewise Family Services.

As you may already know, Lifewise Family Services provides community social work support and parenting courses to help keep families healthy and able to stay together. We also offer foster care services to keep vulnerable children safe and cared for until they can return to permanent safe homes.

Sophie*, the remarkable young woman in this story, is just 22 years old but she has already been through a lifetime’s worth of challenges. Here’s her story in her own words:

“A few years ago I lost my job. I had a drinking problem. That’s when I was introduced to Lifewise, where they helped me deal with the childhood abuse I had been through, all the ugly memories that were impossible to cope with. They connected me to a rehab centre.

“Why Lifewise? Because I couldn’t go to my own family – I’m the oldest of my brothers and sisters. Our father left us ages ago, and mum had hit the bottle, too – you see, alcoholism runs in the family. It all felt so hopeless.

“When I went to rehab my baby Chris was just 2 years old. He needed to be placed in care, and Lifewise supported us during that time, too. Beth* my Lifewise social worker has been by my side, advocating for me, giving me the confidence to be a better mother. The whole time I was in rehab and my baby was in care, Beth kept me informed, showed me photos, so I always knew he was safe. I feel so lucky.

Sophie wanted to break the cycle of alcoholism and abuse she was born into, to be the best mother possible to her son. It is a true testament to a young woman’s determination.

The support from Lifewise which you can help provide – can go such a long way.

“Eventually I made a full recovery. But where would I go from there? Yes, I feel proud of myself for staying sober, but when thinking about my demons all the time, it’s easy to fall back.

“I got worried that I’d start to drink again, and lose my Chris again. So I came back to Lifewise to meet Kate*, a Lifewise social worker. Kate never left my side, never gave up on me.”

Here at Lifewise, we don’t give up on anyone. We continue to work alongside them, always believing in the potential to turn lives around.

“Now, two years on, I have the confidence to find a new job, rent a home, and be the best mother I can be to my Chris – he’s 4 years old now. I feel strong.

“I feel independent now, I was so easily persuaded to drink, but having this support network keeps me going, living like an actual person in the community. I’ve become more family-oriented, more home-based.”

You can help Lifewise continue to support young parents like Sophie and her son.

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“Lifewise gave me the foundation to start a new life. Now my baby is in kindy, I have big dreams for him. And I want to be by his side the whole time.”

This Mother’s Day, your donation can go towards giving mothers such as Sophie a new start and a brighter future with their children.

Please donate today and support powerful change amongst young parents who face hardships and challenges – your gift could make all the difference in keeping a family together.