Mental Health
& Addiction

Lifewise in Rotorua offers Mental Health and Addiction Services. Our recovery-focused live-in programme for adults is called Te Ara Ora, the Pathway to Wellness. It helps people connect with their whānau and their community.

Lifewise offers support and stability

Lifewise supports people to embrace life and make positive choices towards autonomy. We provide around the clock support in a live-in setting to help people who experience mental health and addiction issues.

Residents attend counselling sessions and support groups with a recovery-focused approach. Our therapeutic programmes give people strength and skills to help them on their journeys.

We help people find stability and build healthy lives.

We give people a place to find their feet

Our beautiful location is in the heart of Rotorua. Its ample greenery and strong connections with the local community helps people turn their lives around. Our home-like environment allows residents to engage with their support team, whānau/family and plan a healthy, productive future. We also provide Short-Term Emergency Housing services following the principles of Housing First.

Lifewise focuses on whānau and connection

The Te Ara Ora pathway to wellness includes Community Support Services that support residents to connect with whānau/families and their community. Lifewise Support Workers give continued support to help people overcome challenges and achieve independence.

Lifewise Support Workers work closely with other services that help, including:

  • LinkPeople
  • Te Utuhina Manaakitanga Trust
  • Te Ngako Mental Health Services
  • Other healthcare services for alcohol and drugs

We serve the Lakes and Tairawhiti regions

You can access our Mental Health and Addiction Services directly through Lifewise or by a referral from Link People. If you’d like to find out more or ask about support for a loved one, please contact us or Link People.

Our therapeutic programmes enrich the journey

We support residents on their journeys through mental health and addiction with our therapeutic programmes Hinengaro, Tinana, Whānau, and Wairua. These programmes ease the challenge of being in a new environment with new people.



The Hinengaro programme focuses on strengthening and nurturing the mind. We focus on task-based goals as steps to recovery. The Hinengaro programme includes literacy education, research projects and presentations. The programme is delivered on-site and enhanced with tours to local icons in the surrounding areas.

The Hinengaro programme includes:

– Weekday numeracy and literacy programmes with research projects
– Computer kiosk for resident usage
– Access to the public library.
– Weekly waiata and kapahaka classes where residents learn about relevent and local hapū waiata
– Life skills such as learning to make basic meals and participating in therapeutic workshops
– Cultural activities such as weaving and visit to significant historical sites


The ‘Tinana’ component incorporates elements of building self-esteem, group support and individual fitness gain. This daily programme emphasizes to participants that anyone, anywhere and anyhow can look after their wellness outside of medication. Delivered to residents from qualified personal trainers, each resident is supported to work towards improved physical health.

The Tinana Programme includes:

– Daily physical and recreational activities
– A professional fitness trainer
– Individual and group fitness regime
– Access to the swimming pool and tennis courts
– Access to the local gym and bush walks



The ‘Whānau’ concept helps participants work as a group, whānau, to achieve recovery goals by having each other’s back. Lifewise offers a safe, supervised environment infused with whakawhānaungatanga and manaakitanga. Our communal living environment welcomes shared living and shared journeys.

Whānau challenges the isolation experienced by many residents who arrive with minimal support and fear socialising with new people. Both new clients and returning clients develop Tuākana and Tēina relationships that offer extra support to people in their journeys.

The Whānau programme includes:

– Daily whānaungatanga engagement
– Whānau visits every weekend
– Māra kai development and maintenance
– Full participation in maintaining the houses and recreation area
– Tuākana and Tēina relationships for pre- and post-treatment clients


The Wairua programme weaves spirit throughout our entire service. We bring Wairua with daily prayer and as a synergy between residents in the form of pride and value.

The Wairua programme includes:

– Karakia to open and close each day
– Compulsory participation so residents can understand the importance of spiritual connection for self and others
– Participation in meal preparation and sharing meals with whānau
– Weekly music programme


Pounamu taonga allow participants to take pride in their mahi

Māori view taonga (treasures) as their ancestors, so how they are presented and treated is very important. Taonga have been a common sight over centuries, and whānau/hapū and Iwi have passed down pieces through generations to preserve mana and mauri.

There are many forms of taonga, and they often depict kaitiaki (guardians) and symbolic places to enhance connection, purpose and belongingness.

The residents of Lifewise Rotorua were each gifted a piece of pounamu (greenstone) to design their own taonga (treasure). This unique opportunity has encouraged residents to dig deep, research their ancestry and detail a piece that is meaningful and special. Our residents are not all of Māori descent, but they all have their own beautiful cultural history, and this piece resonates with their Wairua (spirit) and recovery journey.

Jim Wicklife (Programme Support Worker) works closely with them all to encourage creativity, hope and purpose. Residents are invited to show their pieces to staff, whānau/family and support people at a special presentation. They will share this extraordinary spiritual journey to enlighten and inspire others.


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