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The Loneliness Project: Services for Older People

Our older clients highlight the significance of the company and the social connection our staff provides for their wellbeing.

This discovery led us to explore loneliness and isolation among our clients, culminating in the collaborative design of an innovative
support solution: The Loneliness Project.

Lifewise Trust’s old people services target feelings of loneliness, depression, and declining emotional health among older people; learn more below.

Elderly pair sitting together outside
Elderly pair sitting together outside

What is The Loneliness Project?

We know loneliness is a real problem for up to 40% of our clients in our older person’s service. Lifewise supports over 1,000 people across the Auckland DHB area to live well and independently in their homes. From help with light housework to showering and preparing meals, our home care workers can be in people’s homes daily to once a fortnight, depending on needs.

We are exploring new options to try and help. One of those new options is a “Men’s Group”, which meets fortnightly and sees growing numbers. With the positive feedback about this group’s effect on the men who attend, we plan to replicate this model across our region in Auckland with mixed-gender groups.

Why The Loneliness Project is needed

As individuals age, they may face life changes such as retirement, loss of friends or family members, and physical limitations. Social connections often diminish, leading to feelings of loneliness. Supporting older people in combating loneliness is crucial for mental and emotional health.

Social interaction provides a sense of belonging, reduces the risk of depression, and enhances overall quality of life. Proper companionship and support contribute to cognitive stimulation, promoting a healthier and more fulfilling ageing experience.

If you or a loved one can benefit from this project and our older people services, don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about how you can join.

Safety is a priority in this essential service

While Auckland is at COVID-19 Alert Level 1, please continue to keep hygiene front-of-mind. Track where you have been and wear a mask if you can. Our teams will continue to work with our existing clients.
If you are an employee who needs to register with Healthline for leave payment due to self-isolation, please register at Do not ring Healthline.

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