Kids don’t come with instructions, but you can learn practical tips and gain inspiration to help you parent. Our courses are open to all parents and caregivers, wherever you are on the parenting journey.

We have programmes to help you at each step

Lifewise has a course that will give you tools to help at each stage of the parenting journey. We also offer a course to help your kids when you separate. Each course has a supportive, judgement-free environment.


There is no charge for the Parenting Through Separation course.

For the other six week courses, the cost for the materials is $75 per individual or $110 per couple (+ $10 courier fee).

There is a subsidy available for financial hardship if needed. Just let the Family Services team know.

“There’s power in humour, it helps people to open up. There’s ‘no blame, no shame’. We use videos, role play and get parents to have a laugh, which inspires confidence and teaches fun and effective parenting.

We offer online courses with Zoom

Running our courses by Zoom means we can run them even if there is a change in Alert Levels. We’ve had great feedback from parents about our Zoom sessions. Please let us know if you’d like more information about how it works.

Here’s what you’ll need for Zoom sessions:

  • An understanding of how zoom works – you can start with their website
  • A stable internet connection
  • A private space free from interruption by children or others
  • Be ready to join the Zoom course on time with the link we’ll send you

You can reach us on or by calling 09 818 6834 – choose option 3 for parenting courses.


Baby and Toddler Years (0-4) Toolbox Parenting Course

Six Monday evenings 

7:00pm to 9:00pm, from 28 February to 4 April, 2022.


  • Love is the foundation
  • Our Parenting Styles
  • Stronger, deeper, closer
  • Heart-led parenting
  • Discipline without shouting, force, or fluster
  • Putting it all together

You can register here with our Parenting Education Booking Form.


Building Awesome Whānau (0-12) Toolbox Parenting Course

Six Tuesday evenings OR Six Friday morning sessions 

Six Tuesday evenings: 7:00pm to 9:00pm from 1 March to 5 April, 2022.


Six Friday mornings at Odyssey House, New Lynn: 9:30am to 11:30am from 4 March to 8 April 2022.


  • Building your family on aroha
  • Parents are the roof: Protecting your whānau; parenting styles
  • The walls of the whare: Boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
  • Keep it sweet: Atmosphere is everything
  • Cool korero: Communication
  • Outside the whare: Living in the big world

You can register here with our Parenting Education Booking Form.

Teenage Years (13+) Toolbox Parenting Course

Six Wednesday evenings
7:00pm to 9:00pm from 2 March to 6 April, 2022.

– Understanding Love and Connection
– Understanding Yourself as a Parent
– Understanding Our Teenagers
– Understanding the World They Live In
– Understanding Discipline and Boundaries
– Understanding A Culture of Connection

You can register here with our Parenting Education Booking Form.


Parenting Through Separation

You can choose to do this course in either one four-hour session, or in two x two-hour sessions.

Separating from your partner or spouse is usually stressful, but the effects of this can be minimised for your children.

You can register with our Parenting Education Booking Form here.

January (4 hour sessions)
Monday 17th 6pm-10pm – Zoom
Tuesday 25th 6pm-10pm – Zoom

January (2 x 2 hour sessions)
Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom
Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom

February (4 hour sessions)
Tuesday 01st 6pm-10pm – Zoom
Saturday 12th 9:30am-1:30pm – Zoom
Tuesday 15th 6pm-10pm – Zoom
Monday 21st 6pm-10pm – Zoom

February (2 x 2 hour sessions)
Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd,7pm to 9pm – Zoom
Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom
Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom
Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom

March (4 hour sessions)
Saturday 5th 9:30-1:30pm – Zoom
Tuesday 8th 6pm-10pm – Zoom
Tuesday 22nd 6pm-10pm – Zoom
Saturday 26th 9:30am-1:30pm – Zoom

March (2 x 2 hour sessions)
Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom
Thursday 10th & Friday 11th, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom
Thursday 17th & Friday 18th, 7pm to 9pm – Zoom

Team Avatar

Griff Richards

Griff facilitates the Baby & Toddler Years Toolbox, the Building Awesome Whanau on Tuesday evenings, the Teenage Years Toolbox, and the Parenting Through Separation courses.

Team Avatar

Bridget Gundy

Bridget has a background as a family coach, counsellor and Toolbox facilitator. She runs the Parenting Through Separation (PTS) courses - venue to be advised.

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