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Lifewise Works is a social enterprise that offers cleaning and moving services to social housing providers and new builds.

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09 379 1969

People centered

Lifewise Works builds work and income earning opportunities around people, rather than trying to fit people into existing work. The best pathways for people are around their skills, interest and knowledge. We go with their energy and explore their ideas. We also provide peer-to-peer cleaning for those needing a little support around how to clean their first home.

Social enterprise and work opportunities

Lifewise Works is a social enterprise that offers cleaning and moving services to social housing providers and new builds. Currently, this is for Housing First, Airedale Property Trust,  and other social housing agencies to clean vacant apartments and houses in preparation for the new tenant. It offers a safe place for Lifewise whānau to stretch their work muscle in an environment where:

  • Mistakes can happen and are forgiven
  • People and their relationship with Work and Income are understood and protected
  • People are accepted, regardless of their past
  • People learn what it is to be part of an organisation and in employment
  • People can accrue holiday pay and learn about this form of saving
  • Lifewise becomes trusted and whānau begin to trust others again

If you are interested in working with us or want to support our mahi, please email

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The beginning and learnings

Lifewise Works began as a pilot in 2019 and was reviewed in 2020. The review showed that whānau involved in Lifewise Works experience:

  • A sense of purpose, confidence, belonging and connection
  • Opportunities to learn new skills, including digital and work readiness skills
  • A learning environment that helps them to understand work routine, teamwork and build work skills.

Going forward, Lifewise Works is refining its business model and processes and looking at what people need to make the leap from casual employment to part and full-time sustainable work, either with Lifewise Works or other organisations.

Urban Hikoi

Urban Hikoi provides guided hīkoi (walks) around the city centre, led by people who have experienced sleeping rough. Our guides invite people to see the city through their eyes; as a bedroom; a lounge; a playground and a bathroom. The process nurtures empathy and tackles myths about people on the street.

The Hikoi is a 90-minute experience for locals and tourists. All walks end with a meal at Lifewise Merge Café.

If you are interested in booking a Hikoi with Lifewise along Karangahape Rd, please email

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