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At Lifewise, we turn around lives for good. Our impact goes beyond the immediate needs of people living with hardship. We address the root cause of social issues to impact individuals, families and communities.

We don’t just help people with the challenges they’re facing; we equip them to build brighter futures for themselves and others.


Your gift could be life-changing

Whatever you give, in our hands it Will go a long way. Your gift could:

  • Support people who are homeless in Auckland – both young people and adults – to find a safe and stable home
  • Assist elderly Aucklanders to remain independent and living in their home
  • Provide parents with the education and support they need to be the best parents they can be
  • Help people to access mental health and addiction services
  • Provide early childhood education to children who need it most

The need is greater than ever

Everyday Lifewise faces a crisis in need that keeps growing. Planning for future funding needs is difficult and often impractical.

Bequests enable Lifewise to commit to longer-term programmes such as Housing First to end homelessness in Auckland. Your bequest will ensure that Lifewise always has the financial resources to respond to issues that affect New Zealanders in need.

This is our promise to you when leaving a gift in your Will to Lifewise.
If you have any further questions, please contact Andrew Merlino, Fundraising Manager on 021 345 023.

“I’ve been supporting Lifewise for a few years now as I truly believe in the work they’re doing and want to help. It’s not a large amount by any means but regardless, I know they spend my donations carefully. So when I updated my Will last year I also included a bequest, or a gift in my Will to Lifewise.”

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You can leave the future in safe hands

Lifewise has a long history of challenging social injustices and promoting optimism and hope. With a gift in your Will, the benefit of your support can reach far into the future.

“I’m not wealthy. I’m just an ordinary New Zealander who understands that bequests are an important source of income for Lifewise. They are essential to ensuring services can continue.”

Leaving a gift to Lifewise is straightforward

You may not need to make a new Will to leave a gift to Lifewise. We’ve outlined the steps below, and we can answer any questions you have.

1. Discuss

We recommend that you discuss your plans with your loved ones so they are aware of the reasons for your decision to give to Lifewise in your Will.

2. Decide

There are several different ways you may choose to leave a gift to Lifewise.

Residuary bequest – percentage
After you have provided for your loved ones and your debts and estate administration costs have been paid, you can make a gift of whatever is left. You could make the gift a percentage of whatever is left. This is the best way to keep your gift to Lifewise inflation-proof. It also means you don’t need to put a precise value on your gift.

Residuary bequest – fixed amount
This is where you give a fixed amount of money to The Lifewise Trust in your Will.

Specified bequest
This is when you choose to give Lifewise a specific item of value, such as company shares or a house.

3. Act

Make a time to meet with your Lawyer or Public Trust office. It is usually very straightforward to include a gift to us in your Will. If you have an existing Will, you may only require a codicil to update your wishes.
At that meeting your legal advisor will need to know your preferred wording.

We suggest:
“I give The Lifewise Trust …
The rest and residue of my estate … (or)
_____ percent of my estate … (or)
_____ percent of the residue of my estate … (or)
The sum of $_______.

Free of all duties and testamentary expenses for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of that organisation shall be sufficient discharge to my executors for this bequest.”

“I have faith that my gift will be spent wisely, even though I won’t be there to see it and I hope it will be a while before they receive it!”

– Mr J. Scott, Mount Eden

Auckland City

Margaret’s legacy is care

Margaret Blackwell, born in Kaiapoi in 1907, had a very special kind of generosity. As a teacher, nurse, and early childhood education specialist, she devoted her life to the safety of children, be it in times of war or illness.

She was an early advocate of parents staying with their young children during periods of hospitalisation. As a Christian, she became deeply involved with services that looked after the vulnerable, such as the Inter-Church Counselling Centre and Friends of the Service, whose purpose was to raise funds.

Margaret died relatively young in 1980. However, her generosity lives on in her bequests, similar to those given to Lifewise. They support families in need and look after children. Thanks to her gift, children are growing up safe, surrounded by their family’s love, and prepared for a bright future – just as Margaret would have liked it.

What would you like to see in the future?

Our Impact

At Lifewise, we turn around lives for good. Our impact goes beyond the immediate needs of people living with hardship. We address the root cause of social issues to impact individuals, families and communities.

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