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Lifewise Health and Disability Team transforming lives

In January 2022, Ian was referred to Lifewise as a client with high needs requiring intensive support.

His needs require six carers a day, which is challenging to facilitate for many providers. Lifewise Health and Disability care team are known for their ability to provide intensive homecare support and work well with high-needs clients.

Ian is bed bound and has chronic health issues. His Clinical Case Manager Jennie Rissetto adopted a bespoke approach to working and engaging with the Community Support Workers.

Jennie specifically identified those in her area who had the skills to work with more challenging clients. In addition, she brought them in for additional training and engagement so that they were able to understand Ian’s needs. They worked as a team to assist Ian with all of his needs to enable him to remain at home.

Ian’s care support needs were being met, and he reported feeling well supported by the team. However, his environment was unsatisfactory and did not meet his needs.

Ian’s home was small and damp, and he had no opportunity to access the bathroom or get outside for fresh air. His friendly dog Dingo, was restricted in the home. Ian’s bed was also unsuitable, and there was no opportunity to hoist Ian out of bed. Whilst Ian’s team of carers provided the best support they could, it was clear that Ian’s home was not fit to meet his needs.

Ian’s Clinical Case Manager worked with the multi -disciplinary team involved with Ian. As a consequence, they identified a new home for Ian which meets all of his needs.

Ian and Jennie
Ian Mcleod and Clinical Case Manager Jennie Rissetto
Community and Clinical Team Leader Josephine Cullen and Dingo

Ian has recently moved out of his old damp unit. He is overjoyed to have moved into a new modern apartment with a secure front yard for Dingo to access freely. Ian has a heat pump and extra heaters in the bedroom. He has a new kitchen which he will be able to access. He has a new bed and hoist and will in time be able to access his front yard.

I’m so very happy for Ian,” says Lifewise Clinical Case Manager Jennie Rissetto.

Lifewise Health and Disability Services help people lead independent lives in their homes. We work with older people and those living with a disability along their path to self-determination.

Lifewise support is customised to suit a client’s needs – from a one-hour weekly visit to daily help over several hours.

Our goal is to enable people to become as independent as they can. Assistance can include helping people with a task, doing it for them, or teaching them how to do it for themselves. If you or someone you love requires support, please email and enquire today.