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Miriam*, 70 years old, started visiting Lifewise Merge Café a few months ago.

She was feeling lost and isolated and needed help to access housing. Although looking for support and connection, Miriam was worried she wouldn’t fit in at Merge Cafe, she was nervous. However, after not long, Miriam “felt like a piece of the furniture there,” sliding right into the décor and feeling at home.

Merge Cafe and Merge Community “have been an absolute lifesaver for me,” says Miriam.

Ursula, a Lifewise peer support worker, helped Miriam access housing.

Manu, the Lifewise Merge Café Manager, always greeted her warmly and with a smile.

Miriam hadn’t been eating due to a stressful life event but has started regularly eating again at Merge. She has made friends and enjoys the company and connections she has created at the café.

Miriam’s one experience highlights how Merge Café is not just a café; it is a community. Merge brings people together and provides support for those who need it, whether that support is a korero, peer support, housing support or work opportunities. Miriam’s story is one of many stories and why we do what we do.

*Name changed for privacy
Merge Cafe
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Since 2010, Merge Café has welcomed and supported people from all walks of life. Our great food, excellent coffee, friendly service and cool atmosphere has made us an award-winning destination.

Whether you’re hungry or you hunger to make a difference, we welcome you to our shared tables to chat over delicious food and enjoy good company.

Merge Café has played a crucial role in supporting Auckland’s street whānau and those experiencing homelessness. We break down societal barriers and offer a warm, safe and supportive space where anyone is welcome.

Merge Cafe provides a doorway to a variety of Lifewise Services.

Peer Support volunteers and a coordinator offer support and advocacy at the Merge Café, every weekday between 10am – 12pm.

The team support and advise you about housing and services such as Work and Income. Just come into Merge Café and ask for Peer Support.

If you support the work of Lifewise and Merge Cafe, please donate today. Your donation can make a huge difference in the lives of others.