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Moira Lawler

Kia ora, from Moira

When someone who Lifewise has housed says, “I never believed this could happen for me” I feel humble and reassured.

From left: Sarah, Marlena, Andrea, Sharon, and Valda, are some of Vital 5's teachers.

Welcome to my family

“This is a story of how far a compliment can go,” says Marlena, one of the teachers at Lifewise’s early childhood education centres

Better homes for the elderly: Airedale Property Trust is currently undertaking a full redevelopment of the existing Everil Orr Retirement Village in Mt Albert.

Better homes for the elderly

Lifewise’s sister organisation, Airedale Property Trust is redeveloping Everil Orr Retirement Village in Auckland’s Mt Albert.


Kai time!

Lifewise’s Youth Housing Service recently joined hands with Monte Cecilia and VisionWest for a cooking workshop called Kai time!


My first pounamu

Residents of Lifewise Rotorua designed their own taonga, in an effort to ensure that the mana (pride) and mauri (life) is preserved.


A lifelong love for nature

At Lifewise’s Vital 5 early childhood education centres, our teachers create an educational, nurturing and caring environment.

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