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Ngā mihi David for the stunning artwork!


David is a long-time supporter of Lifewise and has generously donated his artwork to Lifewise Housing First over the years. Each piece is unique and is a welcoming gift to Housing First clients as they move into their new homes.

There is a range of art, and each person can choose and hang their favourite piece on their wall, making the space truly theirs. Each work ranges in how long it takes to make, sometimes a week, sometimes longer.

A spread of different artwork on the table

We know firsthand that people who come into our services have been sleeping rough for some time and can struggle with changing environments. It is not just housing people require but many other wraparound support systems that our hardworking and caring teams can provide.

Small gestures like this artwork transfer a house into a home, and we are so fortunate to have fabulous supporters, like David, who understands the importance of that.

Pictured here is River Paton – Housing First Service Leader and David Haigh – Artist.

River and David holding up a piece of art each, posing mid frame for the camera