Disability Services

Lifewise supports those living with a disability by providing in home support through the Individualised Funding scheme. This enables individuals to manage the specific support they require.

If you’re living with a disability and have Individualised Funding from the Ministry of Health, Lifewise can work with you to establish the individually tailored support you require, including a choice of caregivers as well as days and times suitable to your lifestyle.

You can have full control of all aspects of recruitment, employment and payment of care givers or Lifewise can do some or all of this for you.

Lifewise can provide support and coaching on all aspects of Individualised Funding as well as providing information and links to community networks.

We will maintain records of the support provided to you, monitor the quality of service delivery and complete the required reporting to the Ministry of Health.

You can also access our existing home based support services such as personal care, home support, buddying and community involvement as well as parenting courses. If you do not qualify for funded support, you can choose to access these services as a private client.

For further information please call 09 623 7631

If you need help please contact Lifewise

This can be done confidentially by phone or email.

09 302 5390 lifewise@lifewise.org.nz More Contacts »

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