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Click the image to download a PDF of the Mana Whanau handout.

Mana Whānau is an intensive in-home parenting support programme designed to keep tamariki who are on the edge of care, or about to be removed by Oranga Tamariki, safely living within their own whānau and in their own communities.

It is inspired by evidence that tamariki generally do better in the care of their whānau and by the conviction that there are safe alternatives to removing tamariki from their whānau.


About Mana Whanau

Mana Whanau is based on the understanding that:

  • Being separated from whānau has a detrimental effect on both tamariki and their whānau. It is in the best interest of the tamariki to remain safely in the care of their whānau, wherever this is possible.
  • Change is possible. With the right support and resources most whānau have the ability to care for their tamariki safely.
  • Toxic stressors must be reduced or removed for parents to be able to build their capabilities.
  • Change is more likely and sustainable when whānau determine and drive the changes they want to make.



Specifically, the Mana Whānau programme supports:

  • Whānau who are at imminent risk of having their tamariki removed by Oranga Tamariki.
  • Whānau with tamariki already in Oranga Tamariki care who need support to have their tamariki return home from foster care.

The programme focuses on reducing the risk of harm to tamariki instead of removing tamariki from their homes. It is designed to create better outcomes for tamariki and their whānau. If it is not possible to keep the whānau together and the children safe, Mana Whānau is not an appropriate programme.

Click here to download the full PDF.