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I feel so lucky to share with you so much good news and so many new developments. Our latest newsletter features only a few of the dozens of successes I see every day; successes that your ongoing support has helped us achieve.

See the fantastic results of Housing First, for example. You helped us go from a concept and design in 2016 to what is now a city-wide, government-supported, multi-agency collaboration. People with lived experience of homelessness — those who helped shape the success of our Housing First programme — are now part of Merge Community, taking the next step towards building a connected, just, and inclusive society. Meanwhile, whānau and families are reconnecting in our Early Childhood Education centres. And generous supporters from generations past are making sure they build a legacy that our children can be proud of.

Together, we have so much to be proud of! It is your support that enables us at Lifewise to build connected, just, and inclusive communities.

Warm regards,
Moira Lawler

Chief Executive, Lifewise