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This weekend at Pah Homestead in Hillsborough, the Rebel Theatre group will stage a musical performance of songs and poetry inspired by the idea of Home. Click here to see the Facebook event.

We asked director Kit Haines about what to expect at the show and what he feels about homelessness.

How did the idea for “Home Is Where The Art Is” come about?

I was really inspired by a show earlier in the year at the Pah Homestead, which focused on the interplay of contemporary art and games from the 1800s – an era when the Pah Homestead was a gentleman’s residence.

I did a lot of reading about the Homestead’s history and its many avatars; a school, a house for novices and housing for new migrants. Each of these in some sense act as a Home for those people inhabiting it. The idea of doing a show focused around Home especially in the current climate seemed like the next logical step.


What were some of the challenges you faced while creating the show?

I think making sure the show had some form or idea of redemption and hope was one of the biggest challenges. Songs about home tend to be ballads about being away from someone or something. We have tried to make sure that this show presents a cyclical nature of leaving but also returning home and highlights the joy of home – choosing the right songs and texts proved to be quite difficult.


When did you first learn about homelessness, and how did that make you feel?

I think we often walk past people who are homeless without really seeing they are there or considering their human nature. I discovered homelessness overseas as a young child and am still shocked that it’s an accepted part of our culture in a first world country, where there are resources readily available.


Tell us why people should come and see the show; what are you hoping the audience will feel?

I’ll give you four reasons:

  • The talent is worth enjoying – The performers are extremely talented professionals breaking into the industry
  • The art is worth seeing – We are so privileged to be working in such an amazing venue and space and tying together the art and music
  • The cause is worth supporting – Lifewise do an awesome job and campaigning to end Homelessness is a great start to solving inequality in Aotearoa
  • The story is worth telling – Ideas of Home are universal and notions around what, where and who Home is resonate with audiences form any social, economic or cultural background.


What does having a home mean to you?

My idea of Home is a place where I can truly be myself without a mask on.


Home is Where The Art Is: 20-21 August, 6:30-8:30pm, Pah Homestead, 72 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland. Click here to see the Facebook event page.