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Young people struggling with homelessness face big challenges. But with support from the community, we can help young people and make youth homelessness a thing of the past in NZ.

Here’s how you can make a difference for our homeless youth:

  1. Start a conversation about youth homelessness in NZ. Share these stories and let people know the challenges young people face.
  2. You never know if someone close to you could be struggling with homelessness. Ask people if they are OK.
  3. See if your workplace if they could take a young person on-board.
  4. If you’re a landlord, keep an open mind when you consider who to let your rentals to.
  5. Stop and have a chat with a young person who is rough sleeping. You can let them know that they are always welcome to give Youthline a call, or to pop into Lifewise’s Merge Café on 453 K road.
  6. Donate to Youthline and Lifewise and help us end youth homelessness in NZ.

Lifewise and Youthline have teamed up to shine a light on the issue of youth homelessness in New Zealand to mark Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2015.