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Neil* came to Lifewise excited about starting a new course at polytech that promises a 99% chance of getting a job. But the reality was very different.

Neil went to his course for a few weeks but found that it just like school – confusing, lonely, and a bit boring.

Neil didn’t understand the concepts, and he didn’t know who to ask for help. Eventually, Neil just gave up.

Often young people struggling with homelessness have left school early because they didn’t fit in the mainstream system.

Without support, going for further training can be like trying to get a square peg into a round hole.

Young people need flexible arrangements, and sometimes a bit of advice and support to get them over the finish line.

*Names have been changed

Lifewise and Youthline have teamed up to shine a light on the issue of youth homelessness in New Zealand to mark Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2015.