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Have you heard some people say they choose to be homeless, even when it’s bitterly cold outside? That’s because they are choosing between things like violence at home or taking their chances on the streets.

Many different reasons can force a young person to leave home. Mental health issues, drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, domestic abuse, family breakdowns, and death of loved ones can leave youth without support and hope. They then face further rejection as they try to find help.

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The image below is from the report titled An Insight into the Experience of Rough Sleeping in Central Auckland – click on the image to see this report.

This report was designed to generate a deeper understanding of the experience of rough sleeping in central Auckland in order to create meaningful change.

We acknowledge and thank the project team who worked intently and tirelessly at each stage of the project and ThinkPlace who supported us throughout the research journey. There is no doubt that the team’s collective knowledge and experience enhanced this project.

We also thank the Auckland Homelessness Steering Group, in particular, our project mentors, Diane Robertson (formerly at Auckland City Mission), Moira Lawler (Lifewise) and Manu Pihama (Auckland Council), who provided invaluable guidance throughout the research. We also acknowledge Auckland Council’s financial contribution to the project.