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On 1 July 2021, we received a special message from Courtesy for all Lifewise Homecare Workers: “To my fellow homecare workers I would like to say, first of all, don’t forget – July 1st we’re going to get a pay rise to $27. I want every homecare worker … come on, do your Level 2 (NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing), Level 3, Level 4, and before you know it, you have the skill to manage your client, you know what to do. So don’t hesitate. It’s not hard. Lifewise has given us all the support we need, including the assessor, printing of papers … no difficulty. All you have to do is, say ‘I can do it’, decide, and face it. And once you face it, you achieve it!”

Courtesy also has some kind words for the Lifewise Health & Disability Team, watch the full video to hear what she has to say: