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Marcus is one of our lovely volunteers at Lifewise Merge Cafe. Here he talks about what he enjoys most about helping out in the kitchen. He’s such a gentle, soft-spoken man that you might have to listen real close to hear him, or turn on the subtitles.

Thank you, Marcus, for everything you do for Merge Cafe and our customers.

Transcript below, italicised lines are of Chef Umender:

Hey Marcus, how are you doing? Good Thanks.

How’s your day been? Day’s been good.

All right, so you’re doing carrots. So I’m just slicing carrots at the moment. Yeah very lucky enough to learn a new skill here, and get some experience. It’s fantastic working here at Merge.

I started about … coming up to a year now yeah. It’s almost been a year. When I first came in I was very nervous. But thanks to the likes of yourself, Chef and everyone who’s here, you gave me a bit of confidence in myself, just to learn new skills here in the kitchen.

I also just wrote up a recipe book, so I was able to put together some different types of recipes for myself. Even though I’m on a budget, I’m on the  benefit, but it doesn’t matter, a lot of things can come into place. Being here now I’ve learned just new styles of vegetables and fruits and basically, just finding my way around the kitchen as well has giving me the confidence and motivation.

Still enjoying it, I’m still going through quite a lot of things but at the moment it’s fantastic here at Merge Cafe.

How much carrots have been done today? Carrots, well these were done this morning.

How many were they? There’s probably two kilograms or so yeah there’s quite a bit of carrots.

That’s great, well done, thanks Marcus, for this interview, thank you, thank you!