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Every day, Lifewise supporters make genuine changes to the lives of people who have faced tough choices. Often they faced these hardships back when they were a child. Thanks to our supporters’ help, they can now get the practical help they need.

For many children today, Christmas is not a happy time. Their parents sometimes struggle to care for them. In fact, in many cases, the child does not get the best start in life. It gets to a point that these children are placed in safer homes for them to thrive.

Luckily, Margaret, who is a Lifewise foster carer, gives these children a loving, caring home. Here’s a message from her:

“We are organising a Christmas BBQ lunch for all the children and their foster parents.

“The party is in a local school so the children can play in the playground and enjoy the jungle gym, or jump in the swimming pool, under a watchful eye of their foster parents, of course.

“Lifewise provide food and staff and caregivers will bring a dish of food to share, there will be ice-creams in a cone for dessert and Santa will be coming, too!

“It’s the first time some of the foster kids will have a joyous Christmas, so it’s going to be extra special!”

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Your donation could go towards giving joy to these children while they wait to one day go back home to be reunited with their own families.

Margaret is one of many Lifewise foster parents who give children the care their own parents are still learning how to give.

Sometimes parents of foster children attend parenting courses where they learn how to look after their children. When they are ready, they are reunited with their children so they can become the caring, nurturing family they are meant to be.

“What I like most is that Lifewise works to keep children and families together.”

“It’s difficult taking a child from their family. Regardless of why they come into care, they’re still being taken from their family. They want the love and attention, and they don’t know how to ask for it. It’s quite challenging. I have to remember that it’s not the child, it’s what they’ve been through.” 

Margaret has children, and grandchildren, and she looks after them as well as the children in care like they are all her own.

This December, will you support our efforts to bring happiness to more people’s lives?

With your support, not only will the children’s Christmas party be a success, you will also help us build stronger families by supporting Lifewise services.

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