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Lifewise’s sister organisation, Airedale Property Trust, is redeveloping Everil Orr Retirement Village.

Mount Albert’s Everil Orr Retirement Village is a prominent landmark. It has been providing care and accommodation to the elderly for many years.

But the buildings were reaching the end of their economic life. They could no longer provide the best, modern-day aged care facility. That is why Airedale Property Trust (APT), together with Oceania Group Ltd, have undertaken a full redevelopment. The first phase of this redevelopment project is nearly complete. Phase one comprises 22 independent living apartments and common facilities. The impressive north-western views of the upper harbour and Waitakere ranges are the inspiration for the design of the Village.

APT will ensure that through excellence in building design, the redeveloped site will enhance and enrich the neighbourhood and community

Redevelopment of the site will include:

  • A new care facility offering accommodation for up to 90 patients
  • A new retirement village offering 120 state of the art Independent Living Units (ILUs) under a Licence to Occupy arrangement
  • Common amenities and service facilities to support the care facility and apartments
  • Extensive and comprehensive landscaping which enhances the overall development 
  • Roading and car parking to support the proposed development
  • Oceania Group Limited will continue to be the operator of the care facility and of the retirement village


Key elements of the design process have been:

  • A focus on retention and enhancement of existing trees and landscaping
  • A focus on the design of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings
  • Minimising the impact of the buildings along street frontages and boundaries
  • A focus on creating an integrated rather than an isolated community.


This project began in September 2016, and date of completion could be as early as December this year. To know more about Airedale Property Trust and their properties, visit

We are three independent charitable trusts – Methodist Mission Northern, The Lifewise Trust, and Airedale Property Trust. To know more, see Our Vision.