One Vision - Three Trusts

Our Vision

Our Vision for the Future

Connected, just, and inclusive communities

Our Mission

Challenge injustices

Develop sustainable solutions

Cultivate caring communities

Promote optimism and hope

Our Values

Compassion | Arohanui

Courage | Māia

Respect | Whakaute

Integrity | Ngākau Pono

Our Theological Principles

As part of the Methodist Mission our actions are defined by reference to the following theological principles:

  • We believe we are part of a movement which requires us to stand in solidarity with those who struggle with hope towards social conditions which offer equity and justice.
  • We believe that all things are infused with an inherent dignity and worth and we seek engagement in activities, which transform dehumanising and depersonalising social behaviours.
  • We believe in the integrity and the inter-dependence of all creation and therefore we are required to live as stewards of life and work in connected ways.
  • We believe in the inherent goodness of human kind, regardless of religion, and the generous spirituality of all individuals towards the world.

Trust Roles

There are three independent charitable trusts – Methodist Mission Northern, The Lifewise Trust (Lifewise) and Airedale Property Trust. While each Trust operates independently, the operation of each Trust is interdependent. All Trusts work in a way that honours the values of the Methodist Church.

The Trusts are a complex matrixed organisation of 320 staff structured across 3 Trusts, 10 Services, and 11 sites. The Airedale Property Trust manages and protects the asset base of the Trusts so that support to the community can be provided now and in the future. Each Trust has a part to play in fostering family and community resilience, whether it’s through working with people and families directly or providing the supporting finances and organisational infrastructure that makes the work possible.

The Lifewise Trust (LIFEWISE), Airedale Property Trust (APT) and Methodist Mission Northern (MMN) have chosen to operate interdependently in order to work towards one vision of connected, just, and inclusive communities.

Lifewise is a registered charity under the name The Lifewise Trust, registration number CC40248

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