21st April 2014 Welcome

Lifewise is a not-for-profit community and social development agency that provides critical services to vulnerable and at-risk people of all ages and is initiating new ways to solve challenging social issues.

Currently we're looking for people who are compassionate, family focused and big-hearted; extraordinary people to provide foster care to children who are unable to live with their family.

We work hard to maintain and re-build families and whanau. Sadly, sometimes keeping a family together is not possible. In those situations, one of the most important things that Lifewise does is provide high quality foster care. Typically, these children’s lives have been turned upside down by chaos, neglect, and trauma and they have often been put at risk both physically and emotionally.

Sadly our need for foster caregivers in Auckland is increasing. So if you're able and willing to open your heart and home to a child in need, we'd love to hear from you. Click here to find out more.

Latest News

Lifewise welcomes new General Manager

The LIfewise team is delighted to welcome Moira Lawler as the new general manager of Lifewise.

For the last four years, Moira has been General Manager of strategy and planning at Porirua City Council, where she was responsible for the Council's economic development, social and community development, environmental policy and corporate and strategic planning.

With a passion for community development and public engagement, Moira has designed and led significant projects, across multiple sectors - health, housing, employment and education - including collaborations involving both government and non-government agencies. Her team’s work has won international awards, ideally positioning her to drive the social innovation that Lifewise is known for.

Lifewise is set to assist more people than ever before

Lifewise is delighted to announce that from Monday 11th November we are extending our disability homecare services to West Auckland. For more information about these changes, and how to access help, please click here.

Small Actions Big Difference

We've come up with some ideas for every day actions that can help our world.

There are lots of great things about living in New Zealand, but unfortunately there are also some negatives. We have one of the highest domestic violence rates in the world and 50% of us don’t know our neighbours.

At LIFEWISE, we see the impact that these social issues have on people’s lives – homelessness, poverty, families struggling and people of all ages living in isolation. Materially many people in New Zealand have more than previous generations, but are we really better off?

We believe it is possible to live wisely and well. To do this we need to change the way we treat each other, spend more time with each other and care for each other so we can pass on a healthier New Zealand to the next generation.

So, start by doing something today. We've come up with some ideas for every day actions that can help our world. Why not download our 101 Ways poster and share what works for you and your family?