Building stronger, healthier communities is a focus of all our work. People work here with a particular role of developing stronger community links to meet social needs.

We would love to talk with you about ideas you have for local community need. Call us on 09 818 6834.

If you’re a Glen Eden local and want to know more about Greater Glen Eden (GGE), would like to become more involved in your community, or are interested in talking with a community worker, please contact us to find out more.


Social workers at Lifewise Family Services will:

  • Work respectfully with you and your family
  • Find out what is important to you and how we can help
  • Treat your information with the utmost confidentiality and only talk with other services with your agreement (the only exception being when a child’s safety or welfare is at immediate risk).
  • Work with you to agree upon a plan and help you achieve what is important to you.



What Parenting Courses can I do?

We have Toolbox Parenting courses every term. The Early Years covers ages 0 to 6, Building Awesome Whanau 0-12, and Tweens and Teens 12+. These are run every term for 6 weeks. Early Years on Monday night from 7 pm to 9.15 pm, Building Awesome Whanau is on Thursday morning 10 am to 12.15 pm and Tuesday night 7 pm to 9.15 pm. Tweens To Teens is on Wednesday night 7 pm to 9.15 pm. To register please provide your name, address and contact number on this form. The course cost is a sliding scale from gold coin donation up to full price of $75 or $110 for a couple. Free to foster parents and caregivers.

Can I do a Parenting Through Separation course with you?

Yes, we run regular Parenting Through Separation courses at least 1 x per week in New Lynn and 1 every 2 months in Helensville. These are run on a week day 1 x per month 10 am to 2 pm, on Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm or weeknights 6 pm to 10 pm. To register, we need a full legal name, contact number, address, email and date of birth. We also need to sight a photo/legal ID.

What does Lifewise Family Services do?

We offer social work support to families living in West Auckland for the following: Parenting, Advocacy, Counselling, Budgeting, Housing, Family Violence, Community Respite. We run Toolbox Parenting and Parenting Through Separation courses for anyone in Auckland.

We also provide foster care for children who are unable to stay with their families and who are in the care of Child Youth and Family Services

I need a food parcel, how do I get one?

We provide food parcels from our service to families living in West Auckland with children and who are engaged with our services as a client. If you don’t fall into this category you can go to Citizens Advice and they will make a referral on your behalf straight to the food bank.

Do you have housing available?

No. But if you are homeless, we can refer you to someone who could help.

If you are a family living in West Auckland and there are children at risk then we can take a referral for social work support. If you don’t fit into that category then we provide you with contact details for other services.

If you need help please contact Lifewise

This can be done confidentially by phone or email.

09 302 5390 More Contacts »

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