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Homelessness needs national strategy

4 July 2016: Lifewise commends John Key’s acknowledgement of New Zealand’s rising homelessness issue, and state that the Government needs a nationwide strategy to tackle the problem.

Lifewise supports people sleeping rough into permanent homes via the internationally successful Housing First model, which is founded on the belief that housing is a basic human right. Read more.

Housing First: Aucklanders also need affordable homes

11 May 2016: Lifewise welcomes the Government’s announcement of new funding into emergency housing and looks forward to seeing the Government also looking at ways to make housing affordable for Aucklanders.

The provision of 360 beds in Auckland is a step in the right direction but it does not come close to meeting the need. Read more.

CYFS review positive, but more work still to be done

8 Apr 2016: Lifewise and Wesley Community Action have cautiously welcomed the release of the Minister’s announcement on the future of child protection and care.

Lifewise and Wesley Community Action agree that putting the voice of young people at the centre of decision-making is critical. Read more.

Anne Tolley supports campaign to raise the age of Foster Care to 21

10 Dec 2015: Over 13,000 people have shown their support in a nationwide campaign urging the government to raise the age of leaving state care from 17 to 21.

The ‘We Don’t Stop Caring’ campaign was launched in September as a collaborative effort of Lifewise, Dingwall Trust, Youthline, Child Poverty Action Group, Action Station and agencies from all around the country.

Today, to formally hand over the petition to the House of Representatives, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley met with Lifewise General Manager Moira Lawler. Read more.

How the public can help set a homeless person up in their new home

10 Sep 2015: To mark World Homeless Day on 10 October, Lifewise have teamed up with GrabOne on a unique deal: Helping set a homeless person up in their own home. For just $20, people can buy a ‘welcome pack’ for a newly housed homeless person, with essentials like toothbrushes and toothpaste, toiletries, and cleaning products.

“As many New Zealanders will know, by the time you’ve paid bond, rent and utility bills, often there isn’t any money left to buy the essentials. It’s that much harder when you’re homeless and don’t own anything to begin with,“ says Lifewise General Manager Moira Lawler.

Lifewise’s team of social workers will make up special welcome packs for every person they house – whether that’s razors for men, sanitary products for women, or even toys for families with children. “We’re excited to launch this deal to give homeless people the same home comforts and essentials that many of us take for granted, helping give them a sense of pride in their new home,” says Moira. Read more.

New study on rough sleeping a leap forward for homelessness groups

18 Feb 2015: New research into rough sleeping in central Auckland is providing fresh insight in to the challenges, choices and impacts of homelessness while also helping drive meaningful change.

The study, ‘An insight into the experience of rough sleeping in central Auckland’, was launched at the Auckland Council’s Community Development and Safety Committee today.

The research provides insights collected from rough sleepers past and present, their families and the general public. It was driven by the Auckland Homelessness Steering Group – a multi-agency group formed to respond to the needs of people sleeping rough in central Auckland, and facilitated by Auckland Council, Auckland City Mission and Lifewise. Read more and download the full homelessness report

Fatal Christchurch fire highlights the need for action on youth homelessness

16 Sep 2014: The death of young Christchurch resident, Corey James Mclean, over the weekend highlights the growing problem of youth homelessness in New Zealand. With more than half of New Zealand’s homeless under the age of 25, youth homelessness is not only an economic drain on New Zealand, it also signals the tragic loss of hope and potential, and in this case, the tragic loss of a life. Read more.

The tragic side of homelessness

6 Aug 2013: The death of Edwin Linder highlights the real tragedy of homelessness. That is the loss of potential and of hope for the future. While the details of why, and how, he died are not yet known, Edwin’s tragic death highlights that behind every homeless person is a story, a dream and a multitude of gifts and talents. Sadly on Saturday, 3rd August, Edwin Linder’s story came to an end. Read more

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