World Homeless Day 2020

“Many think New Zealand escaped the worst in this pandemic. Maybe we did, but I lost my job in August. The bills are mounting. How am I going to feed my 3 children?”

Before COVID, 3 out of 10 children in New Zealand were living in poverty* and this number is set to grow. If you do nothing, hundreds of children could face traumatic hardship, physical abuse, or even a life of homelessness on cold, hard unforgiving streets.

But if you give today, you can stop the cycle of homelessness before it even begins.

COVID-19 can hurt families harder than the Global Financial Crisis. Don’t let it hurt children, too.

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By offering high-quality and highly affordable child care, Lifewise Early Childhood Education centres create a nurturing environment for children who have experienced trauma, giving them the opportunity to thrive and grow.

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By working in partnership with parents who are under stress, the Lifewise Mana Whānau programme offers practical support for building parenting skills and confidence, preventing children from going into state care.

Mana Whānau is a six-month programme run by Lifewise to support families/whānau to stay together. We work in partnership with parents who are under stress, offering practical support. One whānau worker will provide support to you in your home and community. There may be one or two other workers helping out as needed.

By providing safe housing and support for youth who don’t have a safe or stable place to live, Lifewise Youth Housing service prepares rangatahi for adulthood, with opportunities for leadership and building key skills.

Lifewise’s Youth Housing Service provides safe housing and support for youth who, like Starr, don’t have a safe or stable place to live. With your support we can ensure more young people like Starr who have had a rough start in life, have the opportunity to escape what can often be a vicious cycle of homelessness.

Together with your support, we can secure Aotearoa’s future by looking after the future of our young ones. Click here to donate generously today.

* Child Poverty Monitor 2019

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